Hi, Dear Friends!


Our names – Devalei and Prem Sahajo,

and we are happy to welcome you here-now on this site!

     You can find here actual and full information on our activity

– group processes, individual work, trainings, sessions, creativity.


     Whatsoever we do serves our passion:

creating more beauty, consciousness, compassion, creativity in harmonious ways everywhere for everybody with the highest possible speed comfortable for everybody.

We share our approach, vision, know-hows, understanding and knacks which we have realized in our daily life-activity-creativity-meditation. You will find descriptions of   unique processes for transformation of consciousness from heritage patterns of being slavish and unfortunate to living free and happily at the maximum with a great joy and love.

As partners, fellow-travelers, friends, a couple we are together already during 23 years and we have passed through a huge number of situations, so now we both really grow, develop, evolve on the basement of individual freedom and mutual cooperation/creativity for manifesting more Harmony, Consciousness, Compassion, Creativity everywhere for everybody.

We are infinitely delighted to share all the best we have with all our love.

We share-represent-teach only those tools & techniques which we have already tested on ourselves, have been convinced of their safety & efficiency and passed through necessary training for their facilitating.

Some processes are our original exclusive developments.

As professionals we have post-graduate university education in the field of producing, usage and savings of raw, recycled and renewable energy sources. We have skills in NLP, hypnosis, bodywork, channeling and some other areas. We have facilitators training for conducting OSHO Meditative Therapies – OSHO Mystic Rose, OSHO Born Again, OSHO No-Mind and OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind. We have learned the Art of Tantra from many beautiful sources. Also we offer Awareness Intensives and Creativity group processes. We are both painters – we have had many exhibitions in different counties around the globe.

     We have chosen not to live in any constant place, so we travel all over the world, conducting group processes, sessions, trainings. Now “our home” is OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune (India) – there we work, meet new and old friends- adherents on the path of Freedom and Happiness, there we get all needed for the a next quantum leap, for a further travel. Maybe one day, if we are all lucky (and for sure we all are) we will meet you, my friend, there 🙂

The twenty first century does not demand us to become hermits or derelicts on the way of personal growth – on the contrary, the experience of the previous geniuses & masters provides a beautiful soil for harmonious combination and integration of all parties of the human being – aspiration both to relations & to freedom, to spiritual & to mundane, to practical & to mystical.

Issues of family, relations, individual uniqueness and creative freedom plus realization in many areas – are guides in our work as we have a rich experience, understanding and a constructive approach to those matters.

All of this is possible, real, achievable.

That is what we declare of our own experience – everything is possible!!!

 Throughout our life, we explore the theme of the relationships (we met each other in far 1993), not as spectators or outside observers, but locating in the very center of the cyclone.
We travel together through entire life over 23 years, having left behind huge variety of roles we have played, illusions, tensions, visible and/or hidden demands and expectations, attachments, addictions and dependencies – meaning all that has moved from our unconscious
to the consciousness where it is seen, accepted, creatively treated and changed to a cooperative, supportive power factor  …

Now we do not try to comment or interpret, to seek for logical explanations and arguments – we simply trust and feel, explore and experiment, create and love what is there as it is in the moment and see-feel-catch a current chance provided by the event happening.

We choose the roads of the new and unexpected, mystical and creative path of Tantra and meditation, existential creativity changing the world to the place we can indeed call the paradise.

And certainly first we have to create the paradise inside ourselves…
Later we all will be able to manifest it outside.

We d
iscover the reality together and separately. However, not because we can not live without each other, but because  this is the way of our hearts.

We recognize and accept that we are different as the sky and the earth, but we are one.

We have found that  being in the dyad  we are more than two, there is more electricity, sparks of magic, light and heat, yes, this is a great challenge, but also the activation of creativity, drive of the life and much more.

We are happy to share our presence and love, our experience, in tantric space of allowing, not-doing, taking the opportunity to get into the new / to the unknown, the ability to accept / reveal / recognize our own uniqueness and give the value to other people‘s  individualities – to our beloved partners, children , co-workers, relatives, etc…

As well as to sense-experience that level, where we are all – one, the level of unity and intimacy, indivisibility and expansion, attunement and dissolution – in your own being, in the Universal heart, in the stream, in Tantra, in meditation, in happiness.

     Besides, responding to people’s request, we actively develop the area of work with people of business and have adopted many tools for the purpose of serving business, job, money-making – laws of the Existence are uniform and one can be a buddha, yet being engaged in a business/work as creativity – opening all the opportunities given…

      In this brief friendly greeting, maybe we should not go too much deep for now,  so we simply would like to tell you:

      We invite you to the world of realistic miracles, joy, happiness, love, abundance, freedom in all dimensions. Yes, one is capable of living at ease, walking like flying, acting with pleasure, sharing out of happiness, using creativity, being friendly to everybody, facing boundless opportunities, having playfulness, daring for experiments, obtaining victories, finding exits from routine limitations and sufferings to the wisdom, clarity, maturity!!!


Hoping to meet you on processes !!!



With Love – Devalei and Prem Sahajo

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