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Devalei – artist , musician , poet … meditator , a man of the world. Travelling , sharing his vision, experience, conducting meditation group processes, individual sessions . Devalei holds over 150  working techniques , including Gestalt – therapy , psychoanalysis , psychodrama , arrangement , shamanizm , hypnosis , NLP, Channeling , bodily practice , transpersonal work , reinkarnational p&f work , work with entities and realities.

     He is the author of several methods: ” Neo – Palmistry ” , ” SWEIP ” , ” 60 minutes ” , ” Freedom fron the Mind ” , ” Financial Yoga ” .

     Devalei works in OSHO Multiversity (Pune , India), gives meditation sessions and processes , as well as taking an active part in the life and activities of OSHO International Meditation Resort Osho ( Pune , India ).

      He is trained and facilitates  Osho – processes on Creativity , OSHO Meditative Therapies : Mystic Rose , Born Again , No-Mind ; Awareness Intensives  ” Who Is In? ” and ” Satori ” , Tantric groups , Meditation Intensives .

      He has developed a process ” Zen – Tantra – Creativity ” , a process ” Research and work with reality ” , as well as other combined processes meditation . He needs to bring his vision to the maximum number of people willing – you are free , you are the creator of your own reality , you have a choice , you deserve happiness and prosperity , you are unique and unrepeatable , you – the masters of their life and Responsibility for ,how you live it all in front of a passivated , and later on to the whole world .

      Each of us contributes to the fact , what is happening on this beautiful planet , and each of us depends on its future . And more conscious , loving , creative and harmonious contribution we bring , more beautiful will be our present and future of our children, and the planet itself .

      In Groups Devalei invites everyone to make a request . It is based on the theme of the process and amount of participants’ requests generates a field , space , for everything needed can then happen for everybody without any limitations.


Devaley says about himself :

DevaleyA fragment of the picture   Devaleya " Funky" canvas , tempera , acrylic , 2009



Devalei  – this name I  took in 2007 year , when discovered  I no longer live under the program  given to me by the ancestors , educators , teachers , society …

I just can’t help being real , true . So when people ask me : ” What is your real name ? ”  I answer , this one, I’ve chosen it myself . Some may objected : ” But what is the one given you by mom and dad… .?” .  And this is a tricky point for me !!!  
I have nothing against specific moms and dads – they are , what they are – unique .But the approach , the institute ” of giving ” , rather than self-choosing is unacceptable and dangerous for me . So give obsolete or invented superstitions , fears , insecurities , fears , misconceptions … So give up a story , belonging to any – or to groups , communities , the obligation to serve anyone – or anything – then , be due and obliged to anyone – for what – the …. And where I did all this ? And should not I your life , your energy , your freedom and happiness of yourself first , and only then , when I am filled with all of these , then by his own free will I be able to share – and enough for all !!!   But do not force me , to compel , to program , to persuade , to mesmerize …  It hurt my self-esteem , healthy desire to be master of your life and use her time well , how do I want to. Most to create its own meaning in it .  And it is not replaced by anything . When I realized all this , I decided to spend the next part of my life since , as I want , doing so , that I want and I get what , what I need .


I left the business , which I conducted only for the money , the prestige , the approval of the parents and others ,   the illusion of security and started the business , the main product of which – it is I myself .  Original , unique I am .

I just realized what – the point , that if I do not live for myself , I will not deal with them, and do , what I want , then , from what I get better and better , then why all the rest , if not the most important thing – me , that all this gets and happy , and celebrates the life , rejoicing , enjoying , getting from it all , what you need and a little bit more !!!


I’ve always been interested in human nature, and I did not understand – why people are always in sight problems , but happiness is often hidden , is not recognized . After all, a simple turning of the consciousness inside is everything – happiness within, and they need to live , to breathe , to pour , to shine , then everything changes … But where is it taught ? And who needs a happy , feeling people , creatively engaged favorite things ? They do not scare illusions and not to conquer . They are free .Their happiness makes them free . Where it taught ? How to do it ?



I learned a lot of different directions of improvement of the systems , various therapies , approaches , philosophies , religions, and certainly got a lot of knowledge , which I use now .

However , I have found , that the most important quality for me – the presence , openness , acceptance , no – condemnation , gentleness , love , vklyuchonnost , Freedom … can only be obtained from our own experience , through teaching , practice , experimentation …

I discovered meditation , as a way to awaken and to involve more and more layers of energy within me , ready to come to life right now , get the ball rolling , where they used to – it stuck . When energy is flowing , it expresses itself ,  I become more alive , healthy , full of . Then I have to convince , what should I do – that , to survive , when I discovered the source of energy within themselves , outside the ” matrix” Restrictions , beliefs . When I power conductor between the cosmos and the earth , then I need more ? When I connected with the cosmos, and I know that , I need to know , the one I’ll listen but yourself ?


With a sincere desire to explore its nature , I went through a lot of training , seminars , groups , retreats , meetings , where I learned a lot – what is working and what is not , what to do and what not to do , and if you do , then how ? … techniques , exercises …  Countless discoveries , understanding – situational , changing with the times … so many interesting !!!  The discovery of the mystical side of life – synchronicity of the world , its multidimensionality and infinity … Transpersonal and out of body experience … Other measurements and reality … Communication with the world …  Friendship with the existence in its various manifestations .

I , like many of the starving pilgrim life , found its source …  and he was inside of me …  I drank and drank , satisfying thirst , gradually filled with what – something new and magical .

Life became brighter , more vivid , more volume . Events helped me to move sometimes at my desire , sometimes contrary … But then , I have seen the reasonableness of what is happening , and fight with them was replaced by trust and to themselves , and to the living world around me … Then, and the border , ” I – the world ”  has ceased to be so obvious – such a pleasure to take a world , not fenced off , and feeling , perceiving the surrounding , as a part of yourself, And themselves  –  part of the world …

I remember , so it was interesting to go through the state , the other person – this is another I …  and such a love for the people there … The newly opened children’s quality – playfulness , innocence , spontaneity , I learned to move with life on their comfortable speed , without trying to bring the future or escape from the past , not to drive and does not slow down …

Catching up on creativity , I have discovered for myself miracles , occurring in this state …

Many more can be told , and I plan to share their experiences and work …  But most importantly , what I want to do – is to invite you to this wonderful journey , if you are having response and the desire to explore and reveal their true nature , their potential …  For my part I will do everything possible , so you got the experience , skills and tools , allowing you to be a master himself , to be the creator of your life and your reality , know yourself and be yourself !!!

I invite !!!

ДэвалейA fragment of the picture Devaleya
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