Digital nature of the Reality

About the Digital Nature of Reality

     Among the great contribution of India to the development of civilizations is mathematics. There it has been developed three thousand years. Scientists have made a great contribution to arithmetic, trigonometry and algebra. The numbers that we are accustomed to call Arab, in fact, come from India. They arose in 3 tbsp. BC. These numbers are now used almost everywhere.
Chess was also born in India. Ramanujan Avingor is an Indian genius of mathematics, who discovered the equations that allowed the scientists to come close to studying the Black Holes – one of the most mysterious of all the phenomena of nature.

     Many sages of India, who knew the Absolute Truth, spoke of it as a Pure Mathematics, Mathematics of the Highest Order.
Behind visible objects and phenomena is mathematics, from which all manifestation is born. Functions and equations interact by exchanging data, creating and resolving conflicts. One of the most interesting points of view on the emergence of the universe is the conflict of functions, failure, error … And we often see contradictions and conflicts of interest around us. And our actions can either increase the number of problems and deadlocks, or resolve them, creating harmony.

     It turns out that it is possible to get acquainted with this mathematics, to study it and use it for all the necessary purposes.
If the chemistry, physics, biochemistry is mathematics, then you can apply programming. The universe has its own laws, knowing which one can harmoniously evolve, doing creativity in a space in which everything is possible  for beauty and happiness.

     How can this be applied in practice?



     There are methods that serve us as ways of interacting with the Higher Reality – one in which there are no restrictions and all the doors are open. Then illnesses, mistakes, problems, relationships, destiny – all these are tasks for solving. Mathematics is dispassionate, emotions appear on a different level, from which it can not be accessed, which is why prayer or technology that uses an analog rather than a digital approach to reality often does not work.

     In the near future, Devalei and Sahajo will hold a series of seminars and trainings in Uzbekistan, which will share the art of full participation in life on the first roles, the emergence of limited psychology into a space of abundance and endless possibilities.

     You have something inside that just awaits activation, acceptance, recognition, study. Your unique cosmic nature, your “genie in a bottle”, your super-ability to work.

We invite you to our creative labs of happiness in the House of Happiness !!!


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