The Alchemy of Wealth



The Alchemy of Wealth

We are born for prosperity and abundance. Poverty, the need to “work harder and harder,” the lack of resources for the realization of what we dream about – all these are signs of our often hidden conflict with the world, with our hidden true reality, where everything happens as we really want. In this process, we are given the opportunity to explore, heal and harmonize our financial body, financial fate and our financial vision.

The process consists of:

1) The therapeutic part –  discovery and disposal of conscious and subconscious virus programs creating our problems,

2) Active and Guided Meditations – creating a harmonious space for positive long- and everlasting changes,

3) Sharings – a space for discussing what is happening in the moment, questions and answers, or just to share your experience.

4) The magical creative part – the activation of our unique superpowers, which will lead us further after the process to the implementation of our projects, desires, interests.


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