CREATIVITY is the greatest challenge for you in the whole existence. Why? Because only in a real creativity act you become God – authentic self

Everyone is born creative …
There is no one who is unable to create – this is the first thing to do – to reject the belief that you are not creative, that creativity – is the destiny of the chosen ones …


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And literally miracles will start to happen to you – it will be a quantum leap –
the r
eality begins to reveal to you its secrets, impossible becomes possible,
ou suddenly take a revolutionary step to  your consciousness evolution,
to being
able to live at maximum and create your own reality …



All of those old boring ” I don’t know”, “I cannot”, “I don’t know how” – are simply voices in our heads … and even they do not belong to us. In our lives many times it has occurred that our parents, teachers, someone else have told us something, maybe just fooling us, maybe not believing us and in us, probably joking or mocking – and it has stuck deep in the subconscious mind, and poisons the soul, not allowing to enjoy the full range of our capabilities.
And important thing is that i
f any part of the body is not used – it is bound to suffer,  listlessly waiting for death, spreading a feeling of heaviness, lifelessness, doom – what else can give something which is born to live and not getting such an opportunity?

Some parts of our brain can live only trough certain activities e.g.  dancing, painting, singing, massage, acting, writing poetry, prose, projects, theater performances… or any other kinds of  small and big magic, mystical moments of opening to the universal creative flow and staying in connection with it.

After being experienced and practiced for a little while – then your system has already learnt to recognize it, to invite it, to appreciate and use it for your best.  This state can be integrated into your daily life adding colours, excitement, positivism, lightness, inspiration in whatever your life demands – your business, work, leisure, social activities, relations… whatever  touched by your creativity is going to rapidly grow in quality, size and happiness you are having back to yourself. Osho says “happiness – is byproduct of creativity”. That is true – everything else serves creativity. Unless you become creative – you still need to treat yourself with therapy, courses, meditation. When you have become creative – it means right now you have finally arrived for being your true self. And it is good to remember that the greatest masterpiece of your creative process – is you yourself !!!
And now bring out all best qualities you wish to have for yourself
– new, never repetitive, spontaneous, cheerful, loving, playful, liberated.



This new state will exert  an influence to all areas of your life – it can solve problems, open chances, your relations can becomes more sincere and harmonious, often health improves , life is working with you and you with it.

In creativity you do not copy, you always produce something “pure” –  new, previously unseen and unused – this is the state of Creator. Expression, celebration and sharing of your uniqueness. This is freedom from any frames and freedom to be authentic. Only by being the way we are born by the Universe – with our talents, gifts – we are capable to fulfill this endless thirst for reaching the state of Creator.


Your works will always mean something to you personally and to the whole world.
You just have to say them, “Yes!”, and now it is the first real “Yes!” to yourself in all variety and fullness of your properties – without criticizing, without judging, sometimes without even realizing, but feeling, being present, trusting – they are there…  It is enough that just now something has happened that you need at most, and the world will never be the same again – dull, dangerous, monotonous… You have added a piece of creativity in your reality and it radiates now to realities around and to the common reality.




You have already changed, enriched your reality, you have gifted yourself to it, and it is the only thing that we truly need – to have yourself for yourself and to be able to share yourself with the world – then the world will share with you all its treasures in its turn.

And you create not for a fellow, some ideas, duties, obligations, cobwebs, someone’s expectations, plans, charges, manipulations… But totally for yourself, for all you need for happiness within you, which is impossible to loose.

Sometimes one may forget to be creative for the sake of advertised external substitutes of happiness – yes this is also possible, and this has occupied the vast majority of the modern humanity… 



It seems easy to become an imitator, to move with the crowd, to belong to a community … nevertheless it gives no opportunity for being happy, never fulfills you with the juice of life.

And creativity does exactly the opposite – it gives no chance to deceive yourself. Either you are real you and everybody can see it or it is obvious that you are following imitators, pretenders, liars – it easily can be seen in mirrors of the truth – and again, this is a good time to do something – to jump over the fence, from sandbox, from the past …

And to see what will happen…
When I am myself then the whole world is with me, the whole entire universe is available for me …

Creativity is already working through me and I am a grateful watcher of this.
It is a moment of transformation, going beyond …
And, once having experienced it consciously, we start to desire that taste, aroma, that feeling in our lives.
We are drawn into it and now we are capable to arrange the circumstances of our lives, so to live creatively every moment will be possible.
We become creators of our reality – fresh, exciting, unpredictable, animating, intriguing, mysterious …



Creativity is the easiest way to directly connect with your endless energy, with your authenticity.

The Existence has no copies – it creates unique creatures.

So we have this pleasure, this challenge – to open, expose ourselves in painting, singing, dancing, acting, writing poetry or texts, maybe massage or shooting photos and clips… Anything you are longing for in the moment clearly indicates your soul’s movements. If you take risk to follow them – then happiness, satisfaction, freedom will come as byproducts of your creativity.

Everybody will have a chance to find a way for expression.



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