Live Spontaneous Concerts

At such concerts the special atmosphere in which minds, hearts, consciousness of the performers and attendees harmoniously interact for the benefit of all is created. Songs in different languages and on a gibberish – universal language beyond the known.
There are spontaneous songs born in the moment, as a rule, responding to the requests of listeners.
Some time we sing all together – the way you can/want, sometimes we invite persons interested to the stage. There are no accurate scenarios. The creative stream fills, refreshes, releases…
At some point there comes the silence – the peak moment of experience of meditation – a condition of total relaxation and presence at the being – harmonies, health, happiness, abundance, purity and innocence…
From this point true transformation – from a state to manifestation begins…
The main thing that in this process you were pro yourself, but not contra… Then everything can “smoothly” go, without excess stresses… Yes, it is possible.

Such concerts are a door in new travel inside and outside.


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