Exclusive Original process by Devalei


If you are happy in your Reality, you need not to work with it, just enjoy, rest and create in it  🙂
If you can’t tell that you are happy… then you need to open or receive something, to understand, accept, release or to see…
To activate all natural human and super-human capabilities…

This process gives you necessary keys, experience and understanding of highlights of “work” with Reality.

Bases of this work correspond to Osho’s vision and practically all Masters of all times – the root of misfortunes lies in an identification, inability to be not involved witness of all events inside and outside, inability to be in internal silence, in the center of a cyclone, outside a karma and a samsara, illusions, systems, phantoms, egregors…

In the course of this group we will learn to be present at various spaces unaffected…

We will learn “to unload” all superfluous there where it to nobody and nothing will do much harm, even on the contrary, will become useful energy “fertilizer” of Existence.

We learn how it becomes, and we will be able to teach – to share to it others with the world.

We will study instruments of simple work on weakening of fixing of conscious and subconscious attention on various objects and we will return all energy of these interactions to ourselves – the subject.

Special attention will be paid to creative approach to development of the “correct” decisions or movements.

We will learn “to turn” creatively into various aspects of reality, without losing the presence.

We will study bases of harmonious communication with people, entities, other objects.

We will learn to change Reality through inactivity and presence,

and also through objective creativity when the Creator disappears in the course of creativity.

We will study possibilities of use of hypnosis and most hypnosis for change of restrictions for open doors and deepenings of meditation, understanding, vision.

We will use special tasks and exercises for receipt of practical skills and feedback.

And, of course, we will creatively work with any requests of participants arising in the course of group.

This group for courageous and ready to continue to develop further…

Meditation gives that space in which all above-mentioned and even is possible more…

Each group different, not repeating…

be ready to lift the most true requests is a chance for their execution.

Before group, according to your desire, you can pass an interview acquaintance with the leader.

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