Individual Sessions & Coaching


Individual work serves to provide you special, personal result according to your request in a form best fitting you now.


In this work we create space where all changes you need can happen harmoniously with a comfortable speed. Here we are really able to use the unique qualities of your personality choosing what will exactly work  for you.

Books have been written for all types of human beings, so they estimate an average human being which does not exist at all. Can I make a friends with an average guy – No! I like this guy and don’t like that guy. Can you be in love with an average person – No! I’m in love with this one and I need only this one, not that. We all have right to choose following our freedom’s voice from inside. This is why there are only inimitable humans. Not even single person has ever been created two times. They say one can not find even two same tree leaves on the whole Earth !



Open Session

Neo-Chiromancy – Palm Reading

Primal – Regression

60 Minutes

Freedom From the Mind

Harmony in Your Family and Relations

Hypnosis, De-Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis


Wisdom of Your Body

Opening & Exploring Your Creativity

Business – Session

Zen – Session

Zen for Business

Zen for Relations

Zen – Massage

Tantric Relations

Tantra for Business



Zen – Coaching

Life – Coaching

Tantric Life – Coaching

Business – Coaching

Relations Coaching

Meditation Coaching

Work As Meditation – Coaching


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