In my approach to the channeling we become capable to get connected to the source of something you need – energy, resources, information etc. It is similar to creating of a bridge, which

you can use for your purposes. In different cultures people use some particular objects to communicate with – ancestors, relatives, ghosts, spirits, the Universal Mind, higher consciousness, etc. For me as a medium of existence – everything is ok – object can be inside or outside of you, material or not, “alive” or not, in the past or in the future… We can remove all the filters between you and the reality, so you may get directly what you want. Doing it in a proper soft way we will come to the contact with needed areas of consciousness and let thing happen in exchanging, loving, acceptance and presence. It is possible to have a certain issue or a task to resolve in the session, nevertheless also we can stay open to whatever comes in the session process to understand how and from where we can get help now. There are no limitations for the places we can reach. The only thing is that we deal with your request, we do not make any intentional influences to anybody and we can not force the source in any way – this is the way to make it safe and fair to the good for all beings. Love, patience, gratitude, compassion and realization will be our guides in our mutual journey.

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