We use special methods for formation of desirable positive subjective reality to get rid of restrictions — De-Hypnosis. Then we design a healthy basement for everything that wants to be realized — Self-Hypnosis. In a consequence, you will be able to forget this word “hypnosis” and just to continue to use creatively these tools in your life.
Wise men and scientists repeatedly emphasized the greatest use of hypnosis on service of meditation and personal growth. Many centuries hypnosis has been used for “treatment/healing”, being at the same time the magnificent instrument of creative release from captivity of the mind limited to the past.
How to use it for ourselves so that we can easily enter in our reality to create space of Love and Happiness?
How to trust ourselves so that it is possible to tell, declare our requirements, needs, plans, desires and it will become active to affect what occurs in life …
How to make our minds remarkable tools – the servants, the Genie who can easily execute our ideas, inventions, innovations …
For this purpose it is necessary to master certain tools …
It is, at first, technology on service of self-development, and then is pure Creativity, Magic, Inspiration !!!

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