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This is one of the most popular sessions in which we are both staying open to whatever comes in the process. So we can discover something
you maybe never have come to know consciously, something hidden that affects your life, something to be accepted and realized.
You can have a particular matter to start with or a request or anything else – the space created works it out and we are cooperating with that Universal
process. During the session we can touch some definite issues and/or we can go through spaces to reach the place where everything is possible without any limitations. As results of such a session you can get everything you need right now – energetically, spiritually, physically etc.
When I do session with somebody for the first time and one has no idea about something to be resolved or healed, I usually recommend to start with the Open Session. From the experience, the session has long-lasting effects – at least one year and can really change your life towards happiness, clarity, creativity, understanding.

In this session you really can arise any your request and a space will be created where everything you need can happen without any limitations.


This session is not therapy at all. We work with the space of unknowable, where all the real miracles are born from. We are getting what we need as the results of being in that space.
You are welcome to make a step to enter the world of total freedom and love !!!

Chosen feedback on the Open Session :

Phil (USA) : My meeting with Devalei in the Open Session format literally has changed much in my life in a very mystical way towards self-opening and expressing. I have included creativity in my daily life, become more grounded and clear. It was looking like we are simply talking about things, about this and that, but somehow I felt very present in the moment and the space was really special – unknown, but safe and supportive. I felt that changes had been initiated in me, I did not know what exactly it was about – it was above my conscious mind, but from some place inside of me I had direct understanding – ” I am getting all I need“. Gratitude. Thank you.  (2008)

Marina (Ukraine) : It was a hard time in my life – I was not able to feel myself, my truth. I could not choose – whether to follow my beloved to another city or stay with my mother, who told she was sick. In the process of session it had become very clear to me what I had to do for my life, my new chances and not to let somebody’s exploitation to be barriers towards my happiness and freedom. Thank you.

–  Roman (Russia) : I had no idea what Deva Lei was doing during the session – it was just a conversation. I felt everything we were talking about had some link with me and I felt better and better. I have gotten all I needed and also some friendly advices for my further growth. Thank you.



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