OSHO Mystic Rose & Creativity in Almaty, Kazakhstan 7 – 27 April 2017



In the beautiful city of Almaty, Kazakhstan there will take place the best meditative therapy for the modern person – Osho Mystic Rose. A carrying out format – evenings, so that those who during the day have to visit their work can take part in it also. Not always one can manage “to escape” for 21 days somewhere far – for example, – to India, in OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune, India – the biggest center in the world for the individual growth and transformation.

There Mystic Rose takes place monthly, starting on the 11th of every month

Working in OSHO Multiversity and conducting groups and sessions there, Devalei and Prem Sahajo represent process in all its purity – most approximately how it is carried out in Pune.

We invite all whose time has come, from potentiality of a seed to turn into a realization of a Rose flower – east symbol of achievement of a maturity, blossoming, wisdom, understanding, compassion.


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