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     –  ancient Science and Art of acceptance, opening, improvement and realization of our nature’s glory and perfection.

     Tantra connects the sky and the earth, male and female, sacred and mundane, beginning and end, black and white, animatistic and human, human and Super-human…

Tantra does not separate the reality. And, in fact, the separation, disconnection, abandonment are the causes of all kinds of suffering and diseases. As Kabir says: “I laugh when I hear that the fish in the water is thirsty”. People who have got direct Tantra experience in our groups also laugh – it is so amazing to open the real nature of things and happiness, to start reading the life as a book, to enjoy all sorts of existential gifts. To be initiated into ancient miracles of transforming pain to pleasure, misery to abundance , slavery to freedom, hate to love !!!


     Tantra does not go with choices – this or that, the best or the worst, right or  left – all those staff is the destiny of  cold intellectuals who have not learned all the richness and variety of life, they are having their “pleasures” standing on the coast, but never entering the ocean itself, because they want guarantees — want to foreknow of the future, they read books, analyze others’ experience, dreams, so really engaged in mental fighting against the reality happening every moment here-now.

Tantra will not try to convince or convert you, it will never demand or force to trust it…  It gives you direct penetration to your nature as it is…



Sahajo and Devalei talk about TANTRA


Tantra provides you methods…
These methods have been practiced for centuries.
They are completely scientific – energy has its laws.
They always have been confidential.
They used to be called “sacred secrets”

     Even now what many so-called “teachers” pretend to sell as Tantra – in fact are only small glimpses from far away.

     So only those who have passed trough Tantric transformation themselves are capable to share it with others. They can really support you in opening to your inner Tantra-Master, who is beyond the death. They can guide you the way it makes you stronger and less dependant and addicted.

    And then Tantra becomes your life-style. Your energy leads you in your life smoothly – you just go with the flow meeting and embracing everything you really need in the moment on your path. Your life’s adventure becomes an interesting daily experiment with lots of beautiful surprises. And that constant tantric connection with your energy source grants you enough stability to digest and integrate all experiences you will face in a harmonious for everybody way with a comfortable for everybody speed.

Tantra gets your whole system started, waking up from a bad dream — blocks are being dissolved, washed away… Toxins of pain, suppressions, diseases are being removed… Clouds disperse and the sun is already visible…

But, if one is a skeptic, doubts and does not want even to try, then nothing will occur. Like if you have not tasted a cake yet, what is the use to reflect on it?  But not-tantric mind tends to fear — it is afraid of new,  of  losing the illusion of control, its power over you…  And still, mind is just only about maximum 3% of your great potentiality to live and enjoy your life utterly…
And if it is decided that it is your limit, if it is chosen to be held small if the fear and doubts against bringing you happiness, then what Tantra can do for you? How it can help?
Tantra has passed its way to you through centuries, now you have an opportunity to take several steps to meet it. Probably, right now it is high time to use the wisdom of many centuries, now it is possible to be happy, to be truly yourselves and celebrate the wonderful world around with friends.


Intellect is fine, but it does not include everything… Without feeling, deepening, opening, experience, pleasure, expansion, completeness of your natural qualities — how is it possible to live life of everyday delight?
Your mind is a practical computer in its nature, and it is good to be able to use it, but if vise versa – computer operates you – then when you think will it want to laugh and dance, to love or relax? Is it necessary for a computer? Have you ever come across laughing or loving computer? So it is yours, but you do not belong to it, you belong to yourself. At this point of understanding much becomes available to you without any restrictions.


So Tantra teaches that you are the main thing in the world. And you are not your thinking about yourself, not that you remember about yourself and not that others think and remember about you…
You are the one who perceives what occurs around on all levels, you are the only source of the reality. Once you have taken back to yourself the responsibility for what you are creating each second – you are capable to declare your choice for happiness, abundance, health, power, love, compassion, creativity. And for sure you, as an intelligent human being, will choose the better life. So Tantra has all  tools needed  for that.

Many people consider Tantra to be a property of the elite — kings, princes, rich men, celebrities. In a way it is true – only a free, not burdened person can enjoy Tantric way of living. But two directions are yet possible – from wealth to Tantra and from Tantra to wealth – it is like if you can move from one city to another, then  somebody else can do the opposite – from the second city to the first. We have been witnesses of huge amount of cases when Tantra has opened a new happy life for those who have got it.

Tantra belongs to all who want to live fully, outside programs.
Ussualy we hear that Tantra is something, somewhere, somehow, for someone…
But we declare  —  Tantra surrounds you every moment… This is your breath, your blood flowing through veins and arteries, your movements, acts, thoughts… But do you realize it, do you enjoy it, that fuels you with creativity, playfulness, enthusiasm, desire to make something non-standard, what will make you happy and you will understand that you live, but you don’t wait for death…

Tantra is a way of perception of the reality as a friendly, supporting environment — it is similar to a maternal womb – the world which loves you, and it is for you, it wishes all the best to you as its part…

Tantra gives you practical (read: not theoretical) tools to enter such level of perception where fairy tales become the truth.
Tantra uses all our senses, perception, breath, movement, touch… the fact that now the present moment generates vital energy, a high, the drive also every instant…
If you are capable to perceive it, you will never be a simulator  again — binge, overeating, smoking, drugs, addictions. You are not a beggar – from now you are the Emperor.


It is very simple — if you can not see clearly, then  it is hard to appreciate what you have by your very nature, then there is a feeling of loss, shortage and you begin to ask for councils of people around or repeat somebody’s actions.

And everybody around sell something offering to you everything, except you!!!  They will not be able to robber you if you will turn to yourself as to the source of what you really need. 

Many manipulators are  against Tantra because it is the way to leave them without any profit — it addresses your life source, your truth, acceptance, admiration.
And it is the fact – while you are living in this body — you create yourself every moment…
Do you love yourself, your body, your life?… Do they please you? Do you see in your life any chances for the best or just habitually escape from the worst?

Are you grateful to the life or  there is just no way out? Do you know what you really want from your life? And what  the world wants from you? You have a gift, a talent, potential, inspiration, dream!!!  Everything makes sense: grass, rivers, mountains,birds, fish, seas and oceans — everything makes sense.




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