Tantra for couples


For lovers or friends ready to explore together


Here our understanding of sexuality deepens moving from objects to the inner subjective perception of the reality.

We leave behind the pressure to prove ourselves and we stop hiding our vulnerability. Sex is no longer an addiction that needs to be fed with ever increasing stimuli and changing partners. Orgasm is no longer the only acceptable outcome.

As we stop doing, the natural flow of male and female energies asserts itself and washes away old fears. We experience fulfillment and dissolve into a deep relaxation and intimacy. Sex becomes a doorway to meditation, awareness and presence.

Prerequisite for participation: Tantra World and Tantra Magic

This Tantra is for friends, lovers and couples who would like to experiment and discover their sexuality together.
We are going to take out our masks of projections, fears, opinions, beliefs. We would like to soften our armor preventing us from sensitivity and pleasure. We renounce our habit to prove ourselves in certain actions and behavior. Also we drop manipulating the other in favor of being in a loving synchronicity with the respect and appreciation. We are not chasing for bodily contractions and spasms usually considered to be an orgasm – now it is not the only wanted result. We leave behind overdoing and surrender to the natural interaction male and female energies. Innocent, not forced in any way energy flow has qualities of healing, nourishment, satisfaction. It brings rejuvenation, renovation and energizes instead of exhausting and hurting.
As a matter of fact we can observe around that contacts in life happen not between two individuals, but between common sum of everything they have collected – beliefs, fears, suppressions, desires… so while meeting a person we mostly communicating with the same layers in his body-mind system. So we have to face many aspects of meeting each other in a proper way – so both sides will benefit.
From this point we can start seeing the divinity of everything – energy, partner, sexuality.

From now we have got tools for connecting the Earth and the Cosmos,  achieving  the level of the Universal experience, Universal Orgasm – Mahamudra  where there is no major or minor, giving or receiving – only the unity, oneness …

Frankly speaking, it is a bit tricky for us to write something particularly about this group, because Tantra magic has no  patterns… This is really being the witnesses of the divinity in action – to see how love intelligence does its work perfectly and harmoniously for everybody with a comfortable for everybody speed.

And many of us will have the opportunity to go beyond the physical, mental, casual – to the freedom of the Cosmos – beyond life and death …


Being certainly challenging, this process is conducted in a secure space of presence, love, integrity, freedom and respect to each participant’s individuality.
There is no compulsory exercises in the process, but from your side you have to be ready for full participation in a way it is appropriate for you.





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