Tantra of Relations

TANTRA of relations

 Tantra is an excellent tool for harmonization of any kind of relationship.
We can say that relationships are specialization of Tantra.

Tantra considers  any unconscious relation to be a prison, an addiction, a slavery…
So after the period of being in love,  or after your honeymoon at some point partners come to the crossroad where they need to choose what they are going to do further with their relationship : to separate?  to suffer and torture the partner? or start to learn, hand in hand, how to build a harmonious relationship based on each individual’s freedom and respecting each other’s space with mutual trust.

Why there comes that moment?
Gradually merging with a partner, we are inside, in the unconscious meet different energy disagreement, tension, karmic traces, the difference of worldviews, gender conflicts, nations, generations …

And while hormones and fluids love this cover all the “pink glasses”
as well as how nature – otherwise no one who would not be met,
– We feel comfortable, but then the presence of other energy begins to strain my system and there is a challenge – and I want to love myself and partner … how to do it?

Tantric approach is that – other – a “door” to go beyond the usual opinions about themselves, their qualities, abilities and, ultimately, to merge with the Divine, with the whole universe.

The idea is – if I can merge with one person, then gradually expanding,
I will be able to achieve unity with all things.

Why do I need this? And then, only then in me as in a miniature universe,
disappear all the conflicts and contradictions, and the river of life flows easily and creatively, and I do not even need to call it enlightenment, liberation, self-realization …
All of what happened …

So, if I can know, feel – half a case has already been done,
however, Tantra says that this is not enough.

There are secrets that only open when in contact with other “I”.

There is a sacred mathematics, in which 1 + 1 can equal 1000000000+.

And if the other one is for me hell if I can not open, trust and communicate love, then perhaps it’s because I’m too closed in “his usual sink” – my mind and I’m afraid to let another deep, so as not to disturb the status quo of his personality, consisting of personal and replication, stereotypes, beliefs, programs, delusions, beliefs and so on. d.

Another, of course, always has its own set of these.
And even if you know that person for a long time, do not obsess about your “knowledge”
– Each has a unique set of both potential and “baggage” for study.

Therefore, there is a fear to go deep into the relationship – the other always call into question my reality, which is subjective, and I had swung on its objectivity.

But everyone has their own unique reality, his inner world, his own universe, and in the relationship we have to learn to respect the other, to accept such what he / she is, sometimes sacrifice their “rules” and “principles”, bringing them in favor of synchronicity of our cooperation and enjoying harmony and understanding beyond words and agreements.

This becomes possible when both activated heart center
– A place that can accommodate without compromising the “other” and to go beyond the divisions in the unity.

Tantric approach to relations implies equality of both sides, and an understanding that everyone puts in their share of the dyad, namely 50% – and the accountant is not nuzhen- is 50% directly or indirectly, visible or invisible, in debt or for payment …- as the saying goes, “it takes two to tango.”

He also suggests a healthy intention of the two to work together to achieve a harmonious result.

In Tantra, the two like each other is used as a tool for personal development and knowledge of the world. Use voluntarily, by mutual agreement, on the basis of equality and respect for each other’s individuality.

Because Tantra accepts all kinds of energy, not sharing the allegedly “negatives” and “positives”, black and white, the bottom and top, left and right, truth and lies, God and the devil …
For Tantra is, what is …
and everything is divine, all accepted initially perfect …

With such a position things and events are free to discover and develop their own unique way, with its comfortable speed.

No mutual requirements, estimates, expectations.
If there is a need – you can find a way to report it in the comfort of another form.

If I do not like something about yourself or partner, I do not arrange a showdown, do not blame, do not criticize
– I find a way to be with the audience so warmly received and relaxed as much as possible for me now and harmoniously.
My partner does the same, so we are expanding the boundaries of his small, closed world.

And this is not always going to be easy – there inside there anything – contradictions, claims, past history – and all this, moreover, it is not clear who owns and so the temptation to say: “This is not mine, it is his / her” but in Tantra we learn to cooperate and not to shift the responsibility …

The more we can accommodate, without judging, the more grateful to be themselves and to / the one with whom you walked together in this way …

Tantra – is a conscious deliberate improvement.
“Tantra” originally means “technique, a method” …

Yes, at first it’s just a technique, but then you enter into the taste, your subconscious mind, your whole system learns the benefits of a new way of being and develop.

And it becomes a delight.

Then the world around you starts to blossom and become the art of Tantra
– You create the state of Tantra.

At this point you are already casting, pass the taste and energy of Tantra in the world,
it is – the magic of things happening around you.

And then, you forget about Tantra in general – it becomes your breathing and the way to be.
Next is going exactly nowhere – life itself will take care of you and all you need to happen by itself, at the time, in every sense.

If the relationship is – this is not the attitude of a pair of lovers, lovers and friendships, family, partner, the Tantric approach involves some degree of therapeutic work to remove the unconscious patterns of behavior, and then establish a relationship of the heart center on the basis of recognition of the freedom of each other, taking each responsibility for his life, mutual respect and harmonious co-operation that is acceptable to both sides.

Highlights here are the same – the adoption of non-conviction release, relaxation.
Use Tantric approach can be to any relationship – group, with the living and not living objects, with the world as a whole, with the realities and systems.

Here, the key word – harmonization, integration, unity and dissolution.
It can also be used to improve health, creative implementation, resolve any issues and problems, in which there is a confrontation, division, conflict, struggle, failure, disrespect, inequality, discrimination – any situation where love is not flowing freely at all levels interaction.

In this paper we use the parallel with Tantric work to achieve the therapeutic methods of work and, of course, creativity at all stages.

In addition, the process is accompanied by meditation techniques for deepening mutual presence and awareness, Sheringham, creative moments.

We kindly invite you to our group processes
and individual sessions !!!

  When you are in love, a great need arises to be alone — only in love, remember, a great need arises to be alone. And, real lovers are those who give freedom to the other to be alone.
  They will be full of energy soon and they will come together and shower their energy on each other.
  When alone, the great desire to share will arise.
  See the rhythm: when in love, you would like to be alone; when alone, soon you would like to be in love.
  Lovers come close and go away, come close and go away — there is a rhythm. Going away is not anti-love; going away is just getting your aloneness again, and the beauty of it and the joy of it.


    Love makes you so integrated that you can be alone and ecstatic!
    Love becomes the contrast: love and aloneness are two polarities of one energy.
And it is good to understand it, because sometimes it happens that lovers don’t allow each other space enough to be alone.
    If lovers don’t allow each other space to be alone, then love will be destroyed, because it is out of aloneness that love gets fresh energy, fresh juices.
   When you are alone, you accumulate energy to a point from where it starts overflowing!


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