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What is the distinction between traditional
yoga and Tantra?  Are they identical?

At their basement Tantra and yoga  are different, they achieve one goal, but their ways are not only different, but also opposite.
Tantra is a natural way to god, a normal way to god.
Tantra does not believe in a gradual development of the soul, but in a sudden enlightenment. Yoga believes in a gradual development, step by step, centimeter by centimeter, your progress goes to the final point. Yoga is very arithmetic, each step you take has to be balanced. Your account has to be completely completed. Tantra tells absolutely the opposite. Tantra is a very poetic approach, not arithmetic. And Tantra trusts in love, but not in mathematics.

It trusts in a sudden enlightenment, quick.





We recommend this process to all who are interested in Tantric work. Here we discover the very basement of the Tantric approach — acceptance of all different types of energies, methods of their awakening, activation and interaction with them in a creative, playful, easy key. This process builds a powerful basement — the ground under your feet for further development in Tantric Art of Living.


     Tantra is Magic, a special state which needs to be opened inside. And, as in fairy tales, on our way to this opening, we pass through spaces where we find hidden gifts, abilities, insights… we get rid of illusions of misery and poverty … we develop real, we create meanings. And when we reach the State of Tantra, we will be capable of creating and operating everything that we have potentially, without narrowing control of the conditioned mind, condemnation or suppression…

The first and necessary step to the integrated sexuality is to unfreeze our repressed energies, to allow our spontaneous impulses, to invite the new and dare to take risks.

In this group we create an environment of love and awareness where this liberation happens without becoming hurtful or destructive. So we can touch, understand and heal old wounds.

Our hearts grow in strength and acceptance as we explore sexuality, sensitivity, personal power and our capacity to love. Transformation happens when we become conscious and present.

     In our opinion the main “problem” with so many existing nowadays lectures, seminars, groups, trainings for personal growth, improvement, education, etc… – is that they usually  try to turn on or force to work something in a personal system that has not been even seen, known and accepted – it is not awakened on some levels. They produce simulators in the style “do like me”, “copy me”, “memorize and repeat”… but, our understanding says that, in fact, person can become happy and successful only when starts to live from oneself, from  own energy, unique style, specific way, individual life…

     Animals study through copying, repetition and imprints… Yes, it is effective to try, to see that something is possible, to be convinced that “I can”… However, always the right following step will be found in discovery of one’s value, the originality, the authenticity, the natural style  …
Thus people become mature, free, creative, able to study from within. They have opened themselves, released their energies, accepted their true nature and started opening gifts on the beautiful Path of Tantra


     If it was possible to come into the temple of Tantra‘s fortune just having read a book or  watched a video or listened to a lecture, then those who can do so, they are born Tantrics or those who were them earlier, in their previous embodiments. But even they, in order to get out from heavy plates of gathered conditioning, to catch the pure breath of Tantra and begin to breathe it fully, as a matter of fact, they always ought to do certain conscious efforts to receive special knacks and skills for using their gift for the best benefit. Methods for growing of consciousness are necessary – because only this can give you desired management beyond any control.  This work deals both with the energies of the Earth and of the Cosmos. Only through their acceptance the Mahamudra – the Universal experience of orgasm – becomes possible.

     Tantra gives you healthy growth both in spiritual dimension and in your daily life without so-called “spacing-out” to the world of illusions and without “sticking” to various, but monotonous ways of interaction with the reality – as they say – “chewed by somebody is not tasty for you”…
It is necessary just to know yourself, and in the moment when it is time to depart to the next journey, the proper following step comes by itself… it is important to recognize it and to dare to move with the stream of life.

     For this purpose we really need to activate the energy of the Earth, roots, marrow and bones — then further the body will be your compass, not a distracting factor.
Also a participant receives experience in such approach to evolution which uses a special combination of Tantric techniques, individual, in pairs and group work, elements of therapies and creativity and meditation techniques.


     Your understanding of how it works for you grants you with the chance to grow further self-sufficiently and independently in your everyday life, applying the gained skills for your pleasure. And not that one has to develop specifically for something – just the process of life becomes the very development itself, unfolding more and more in itself and sharing with the outer world.

     We can observe that actually all questions people have – love, trust, finance, intimacy, relationship,  family, creative realization and any other can be solved by Art and Science of Tantra which obtains response to all existing questions. It is only necessary to study Tantric Art of Action (doing and non-doing) and acquisition of Tantric knowledge when and what can  be used for creating a harmony.

     In this process even a person who has never been engaged in any practices before, will be easily able to enter this world at a comfortable speed.


The first “dedication” to the World of Tantra is a conscious touch to the energy as the source of your reality, obtaining again your natural ability to feel it, to realize it, to communicate with it, to move it, to allow it to move you, to feel intention of the energy and to connect with it — and we do this much quicker, easier, more playfully and cheerfully, than in yoga, for example.

We invite you to this process which will open for you that part of the world, of the reality, of the existence which probably you have been missing for a long time, without which in life there is not enough happiness, love, integrity, pleasure, abundance, rejoicing, satisfaction, gratitude, ease …

In our opinion this process is about transformation to a bigger size/format of your life, health, wealth, creativity… All mentioned is possible as a beautiful trip, an adventure without deprivations and restrictions.

Being certainly challenging, this process is conducted in a secure space of presence, love, integrity, freedom and respect to each participant’s individuality.
There is no explicit sexual touching, sex or compulsory exercises in the process.





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