Tantric Deconditioning

Tantric Deconditioning

Tantric Primal – 2

This group process has no relation to sex itself as it can seem from its name.

Our natural sexuality and vitality has been conditioned and repressed by ideas from the societies, religions and surrounding for many centuries.

In this group process we will look with courage and care at this borrowed conditionings and beliefs hindering you from the connection with spontaneous flow of sexuality and life energy. As children we naturally were sensuous. But also, we had to learn to tense up and control our impulses, to be afraid and embarrassed about them.

As teenagers, the awakening of sexuality was a huge challenge for all us. With mostly no guidance, suppressed by the judgments and fears we had inherited about our bodies, we had to manage somehow to deal with our newly awakened energy, our attraction and our excitement. As grownups, we keep on being influenced by the consequences of our past lack of a loving support. We try all our best to enjoy our sexuality, to have intimacy with others, and yet, in our meetings, we go on experiencing in different degrees that sense of inadequacy and shame, a split between our sexuality and our hearts.

This process brings us to the very core of the beliefs we have gotten about ourselves and our bodies that determine our relations with others. We will see how the unwanted patterns we have taken on in our families of origin still continue to constrict the flow of our individual relationships and how we attract our relationships based on our experience of our parents and family. In a safe, intimate and meditative environment, we will heal and transform these feelings at their basement core to find back the totality of our life energy. We will discover our sexual essence as men and women, relax into it and live love with integrity and freedom.

Here we work with those moments in an individual development, growth and formation when we were put as a human of a defined sex – so-called identification. You are a boy, you are a girl. One of the biggest of all possible divisions has been imprinted. Then the world is divided into two parts. This phenomenon in itself absolutely normal and natural – there are day and night, cold and heat, right and left…
Duality of the material and energy worlds serves as a starting point for our development and conscious entering in these spaces.
Problems arise when this identification becomes restriction – by choosing a part we can not be whole any more. Knowing features of persons of the defined sex and accepting belonging to them, we join some kind of a certain game. We become “pro” and “contra” someone, we have “ours” and “aliens”.

No need to take it to much literally… But try now to see the root  – the split, the identification… It creates at the same time both attraction and resistance. The dual world is beautiful – there is plenty of  energy in it for love, dance, celebrations, creativity…  without it life could not exist,  develop, evolve… But we have got tasks from the past – centuries of historical sexes’ interaction, deception, treacheries, myths, gratitude and claims, hidden secrets and revelations.

Actually, there is nothing bad in this Leela – the Divine Game. Inferiority arises when the person solves – I am only this or that and nothing else. A huge number of templates – a girl has to…. and the whole list of ideas – historical, national, political, family-based.
A boy has to… Then a man has to, a woman has to… All these ideas of “real men” and “the real women”… The aspiration to strange, imposed “real” – that is exactly what creates problems in discovery of our own authenticity, natural gifts and genuineness…

It is a long story how our deepest representations are being formed, how later they become beliefs about how “things should be”… And then the moment comes when we are ready to defend them and/or fight for them. And certainly, we spread them everywhere around us, thus supporting the collective hidden, unconscious agreement concerning the subject.
Nevertheless if we wider open our eyes and learn to look extensively – we will find out that ideas of what a “qualitative” man or a woman is (and the consuming society wants, demands estimated “quality” by all means) strongly differ – they change dependently on the era we live in, the place, religions, the values of the groups of our communication, the family features, etc. Taken all in all still many of us are ready to fight for the fact that their point of view, a view of things is the only correct.

Thanks to many years of self-exploration Devalei and Sahajo have found that one of the deepest and most difficult things to deal with is sexual identification as it is programmed by the nature itself.
How to make that all our past, everything received by us becomes our resources? Otherwise we are doomed for infinite repetition of that past until we learn to cooperate with the world in intelligent and harmonious manner. Not to react instinctively as animals, gaining conventions and restrictions, but to enter the integral, undivided world of boundless opportunities, to jump in our full potentialities, to become them, to shine them, to share them, to enjoy and celebrate them totally !!!

So in this group we will untwist the history flywheel in the opposite direction to see what and when and how (!!!) we learned… the ways how we studied and study now or do we, in fact, study now or we have stuck at some point on the path – refusing to take our active part in life or constantly repeating patterns leading to the same old story again and again?

We will see opportunities to rewrite history so that it brought us benefit, pleasure, a resource, desire to live and work…
If you are reading these lines now and here, it means before everything has been correct. To learn how to bring the order to the chaos is a discipline… Not rules, not restrictions, not dispensing, but a discipline – the order based on meditation, sensitivity, clarity… It will allow us to see our sexuality in a new way – all its shades, its true nature as life energy, as the energy for creativity, growth, development, evolution, celebration. Sexuality is a secret which needs to be opened…
And once having seen sexuality as the source of eternal pleasure and celebration, we find freedom to be masters of our lives, energy, creativity… This group is about how to exit out of all limits, and to taste how it feels… We will never be the same people we used to be before – the process is life-transforming. Now we have become the Masters of our life, destiny, reality.

This group is one of our gifts to this world – we have designed it contributed to it the best we have got, the best we can give, the best we can share…

Being certainly challenging, this process is conducted in a secure space of presence, love, integrity, freedom and respect to each participant’s individuality.
There is no explicit sexual touching, sex or compulsory exercises in the process.

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