Tantric Man

The group where only men can participate.

In this process we will discover and explore the situation of being and living in a male body.

There is much has been inherited from  the past humanity – we will deal with millenniums and centuries of the evolution thus consciously can take to wise using of all gathered assets available and which are basically commonly misused in the modern societies.

We will go trough many aspects we have been collecting during our lifetimes.

We will go trough stages of forming of the personalities, making all the corrections needed to harmonize the past, so the present moment can be released for your freedom.

We will open doors for freedom from any conditioning making your not happy. And then we are going to understand for what we have that freedom – what we really want in our lives for ourselves.

We will look at the Universal polarity principle.

We will understand and accept our part in the Existential Evolution as Creators, Manifestors, Friends, Lovers…

We will visit faraway galaxies in the Cosmos and the deepest levels of our cell to get to know how Universal laws work everywhere and to learn to use levels of super-consciousness for creating healthy and happy life for ourselves and our beloveds everywhere.

The group lasts 3 – 5 days and can be combined with another processes.

Also it can be a part of an bigger Intensive or a Training.

Being certainly challenging, this process is conducted in a secure space of presence, love, integrity, freedom and respect to each participant’s individuality.
There is no explicit sexual touching, sex or compulsory exercises in the process.

If your request is individual work on this topic – you may choose an Open Session or a Coaching Course.


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