Tantric Primal Healing


“Primal-therapy has made a very significant contribution to the development of the individuality. The question which was brought up by Yanov consists that the person accumulates negative, and this negative is a chemical phenomenon. Because of human pain and suffering some certain chemicals will be produced which cause the negative thinking  wishing to destroy”. Osho


In common understanding classical Primal is a sort of therapy engaged in healing traumas of the childhood still affecting our life and activities when we are grown-ups. This therapeutic process is constructed very scientifically with a certain accurate structure and generally is conducted by therapists specializing in this type of work.

In the Western methods of therapy based mainly on Sigmund Freud’s approach where as the cornerstone they have a constructive work with conflicts in the systems. The Western mind has a specific type of conditioning. So almost mathematical techniques of work with them have been respectively developed on the scheme – detection of problems (which are assumed to be almost identical for every person), catharsis, reasonable replacement, integration.

In Eastern culture other methods of work are applied – as the family system there is arranged in another manner, and there is no need to correct a relationship. It is just necessary to release, let go of them easily, gradually, with gratitude… kind of “to forget” psychologically about family relationship – there have been so much love and acceptance, so they have had the fertile soil for growth and development… What is important then – in the right moment one has to choose the own way, so unconscious templates and “blind” love do not become restrictions on the course of life.

Our experience shows that both methods are worthy of respect and possess useful therapeutic tools for overcoming obstacles to the healthy and happy life at full range.

Tantra, however, has absolutely another point of view to this matter.

First of all, for Tantra the very division to West and East can not exist as a reality – it is illusory. Tantra says that deep inside we are both – West and East. The split can be dangerous. A therapy, in some cases, can create more problems, than release. Sometimes, therapies cause dependence not only on authoritative persons of therapists, but also on therapeutic processes.

Tantra’s concern is to make you capable of independent daily self-growth. Tantra initiates your inner wisdom. Tantra will not give you anything to be hooked as the reality is… INDIVISIBLE …



In Tantra the past is absent, there are no problems, wounds as they explain in therapies.

Tantra is a certain approach, a certain understanding, experience.

On the level of your cells, DNA, genes, chromosomes, organs – so much can be done directly through Tantra tools. That is what now the pioneers of the modern science just only have  started to see, approach, describe… all of that has been presented by Tantra since ancient ages. But in order to receive and read its messages we need receptivity, open mind – free of borrowed prejudices, trust – to jump out of the cage of misery and fear, creativity – to start manifesting the beauty we will discover inside to the outer world. To be the Creator of your new authentic reality for your best !!!

In Tantra there are no parties like victims, executioners, judges, lawyers, children, adults and other phantoms in consciousness.

Tantra is our access to the infinite energy of the Existence without intermediaries, without illusions.

Tantra is the Magic of Unity, Love, Presence.

Our requests in the space of Tantra form the special field for their realization and set the events which take place.

Secondly, for mentioned reasons Tantric primal, in its very principle, can not have a certain pre-defined structure. This is a meta-process, over-process, over-therapy. We have got healing results not from placing illusions to the “correct” places that can lull to sleep us again for  years, creating the visibility of well-being, lack of problems for some period. The truth is that unless you have become the source of your own reality – nothing is going to really work. And we need take back our power, energy, will for that. And it is suspended in the childhood.

The real healing is done “from” and “in” space where problems do not exist – in pure space which was before “problems” arose and will be after “problems” will pass away – in the endless eternal presence, in the infinite energy of life.

Tantra provides us healing by removing limits of opinions, memories, beliefs and the most important – beliefs we have about ourselves.
We learn how to interact consciously with any spaces.
Tantra gives us our natural power – infinite, inexhaustible energy… self-acceptance and self-respect, sympathy, partnership, pleasure.
Therefore in Tantra we use the integrated way – we have no ready-made recipes for everyone, we sincerely respect your uniqueness and we allow it to reveal in such a way which it wants to move. And when you will master that space – where not that decisions appear…  just problems disappear – so quietly, gently disappear… – then you are able to use this magic every day in life, it lives in you, working 24 hours a day.

Tantra is something that is being transferred during the process… It is something alive… You can talk to it… You can address it…  It will protect and support, inspire and make you happy.
Tantra contains the path, the purpose and the mean.
Tantra is alive world around us and inside us.

So the first thing to understand – Tantric Primal uses absolutely different from common therapy approach. Second, Tantra is a certain space which can be described, in this case, as Love, Trust, Healing, Acceptance. In Tantric Primal we use streams of Universal Unconditional Love. Here we will not give you instructions and models of how everything has to be and how to set up everything. Here you will directly learn the mystic of the Existence,  the Supreme Understanding, the Exit from limits of the “matrix”…

Freedom is given us by the right of the birth and Tantra belongs to those who declare the rights for luck, abundance, ease, health and everything that you really want  in this life for yourself.


“The second childhood is more important and valuable than the first. In the first you had an innocence owing to your ignorance. Your innocence was not absolutely pure, and it was not in your power, it was the natural course of things that happens to each child. The second childhood is your greatest achievement, it happens not to everyone, the second childhood makes you innocent without ignorance, it comes from a different experience, it is mature, centered, right. When you feel it, you will feel blessings … The second childhood – this is exact and true  meaning of the word “meditation”, and from this point begins the great travel back home, to your home which, actually, you have never left, which it is just impossible to leave. Because you are you, and it is unimportant where you will go, you will find yourself there. The wise man is nothing else but the circle which began with your birth, passed the whole cycle, and completed in the same point” — Osho



  • Forgiveness and Emotional Release
  • Become more accustomed and playful with your emotions
  • Connection, meaning and MORE joy in your life
  • Trusting your life to bring you what you need at the most
  • Finally, making peace with your past and change it inside
  • A transformative journey into the core of your being
  • A new wave in relationships with your current family and family of origin
  • More enthusiasm for life and creativity
  • More effectiveness at work that you love
  • Feeling safe in your own skin and the freedom to be authentic yourself
  • Relief from much kept anger and depression
  • Understanding & forgiveness for self and others & compassion
  • A better understanding of loved ones
  • Increased self-confidence
  • And much more…


While challenging, this workshop is held in a secure container of presence, love, integrity and big heart.


After the workshop Devalei & Sahajo will be available for additional individual sessions in person during several days or anytime via Skype. You can find available Individual Sessions on this site. You will also have support via e-mail if you need.
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