Tantric Woman

Tantric Woman

Original process created by Prem Sahajo

This tantric process of female initiation.
To be b
orn as a women is not just to be given the birth of a female body, but also the conception,
gestation-formation, the birth of a female Soul-Essence.

In today’s world, much turned upside down, including – the mystery & magic of being a woman.
That is why so many unsatisfied, unhappy women exist around. For years, fine, iskustno deception – coercion-of conditioning to be someone else, but not myself: “perfect”, “ideal”, “thin”, the economic, the victim, weak, etc … appropriate another’s desires and expectations .. .
Through advertising, movies, education system (more like a dog training) through suggestion, the influence of “religious” egregors and cultural environment in which born and, like a sponge, absorbs the woman, being a little girl, and all the fears, suffering, unrealized , secret desires and aspirations derived from the mother’s milk …

All this creates an image of this modern woman. And to be a collective manner, and in the “best” case, an actress several roles, not the happy lot.

We will expose, to distinguish between the most common of imposed stereotypes-the qualities of femininity, noting / revealing and even changing someone else / borrowed on the true / true: sentimentality for sensitivity and receptivity, “seem” to be “,” aggression for inclusion, fidgeting at the meeting, protection for the presence …

We will allow our wisdom to guide us.

We are in awe accept / open our primeval force, and in the wake behind it meet the clarity, ease, genuine softness.

We will learn how to be, knowing himself, taking the edge, person, and the seasons of my soul. Appreciating the fact that we already have, and opening to the new that wants to come: the chances, opportunities, conditions, abundance and happiness.

Mother of the World host certainly open, receptive, abundant …

In Tantra we learn again to be totally in tune with their own deep vibrations and realities to be holistic.

We are moving beyond the instincts, reflexes, biology, body; cooperating with the physiology and matter, using desire, desire as the driving force, as fuel …. go beyond the illusions, dreams, conditioning, games, role in the pure space of Being, the perception in the natural merging with the flow of Existence with Nature.

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