one of the most ancient currents in the field of self-discovery, widely adopted in the east. Origination of Zen is referred to the time of Buddha who for the first time publicly performed  “direct transmission” by means of a lotus flower to a disciple, using no words. In the different countries Zen is known as a dyan, chan, dhien, – in translation it always means a state of meditation, direct experience, clarity, realization, enlightenment, awakening, an enlightenment…


     The methods and processes developed in Zen differ in the spontaneity, unpredictability, humor and purity.


Zen-masters have used any opportunity, any ordinary situation for awakening of a disciple, that can happen at any moment near the master. Zen-masters were always unique, wild, spontaneous. Their lives might remind at the same time dance and circus and a military camp or a duel with a lion.


They have invented “koans” – questions without any rational, logical, intellectual answer.


The koan is given to a disciple to create the situation when the intelligence gives away all borrowed knowledge; mind, heart and body layer by layer open their essence, and one’s energy makes turning inside – from outside objects to the subject, – then there will be a phenomenon, known as a direct experience.


There are different koans, – for example:


“What is MU?”


“What is the sound made by clouds moving on the sky?”


“What was your face like before your mother was born?”


But we have to recognize the fact – in those days nobody had been in a hurry to anywhere and staying close to the master for the disciples, in his buddha-field, was the main thing, and a koan served as the tool for activation of their intention to the enlightenment. It could proceed for years, sometimes up to 10-15 years in succession, till one is ready to the final jump, then a master did his part…


In the modern speedy world it is demanded to use faster methods, after all very few people want to achieve for years what can be reached much quicker.


Well, when a problem arises, usually a solution comes…

In the second part of the last century some western researchers were studying Zen in the east and at the same time being involved in development of communicative skills for people, found out that the most unique effect occurs at connection of two approaches in one – a koan plus communication sessions.


The result surpassed all expectations – many participants had a direct experience during 3-day process. Also many assets have been discovered in this new modern approach to self- inquire


Later a famous Indian enlightened mystic of our time Osho improved the process with his vision – more intensive power meditations and more rooting of participants in here and now.


Today processes “Who is in?” and “Satori” opening and researches of many measurements of perception are one of the fastest and intensive ways of disposal of all superfluous and experiences of the true nature in its purity, and also.


 Here you can find  a beautiful illustrated story
of the Zen journey   >>>



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