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This Zen-practice takes place, usually, in a single day or its part. Communication sessions and instructions are identical to those used in the residential intensives “Who is in?” and “Satori”. This work may be “soft entry” in Zen for those who are already interested in it, but still not sure or not ready to participate in a full 3 or more-day group. Also, for those who experienced in this method, this is a chance for deepening, expansion, acquisition of new (and certainly they are never old) experiences.

In this processe we use various koans – questions that initiate our search for true, direct experience of it.
In  Zen nothing repeats itself … Zen is always fresh and new …
Another day, different people around … everything is new each time … We explore different spaces  of the existence with the help of koans like:

– What love is?

– What life is?

– What truth is?

– Who am I ?

– What am I ?

– What am I like when absolutely alone?

– What money is?

– What  sexuality is?

– What happiness is?

And others…

This is a great chance to solve our problems, activate our hidden resources,  find  keys to our energy, vitality, creativity.
In this Zen day the discipline is not as strict as in the residential Awareness Intensive, however,  still  some special space will be created where everything  needed will occur.
Participants will have  necessary skills and will be trained in the technique of working with koans along with a partner and alone – with a wall or a mirror. There will be space and time for questions and answers.
We will also do some active meditation techniques, work as meditation.
Sometimes we will use a variety of creative tools that embellish seemingly  serious Zen.
Zen contains everything to ignite, activate your endless life energy, filling you with the nourishing replenishment for your happy life and successful evolvement.
In just one day, participants discover the New World – flexible, clear, smooth, flowing…  Here a problem’s solution or its annihilation may take just a few minutes or seconds … Here very simple and sincere things like truth , realization, trust work in all their beauty along with famous Zen intensity which, one can say, can move mountains.

The structure of this retreat is based on traditional techniques of Zen. The aim is to penetrate beyond usual habitual masks, illusions, beliefs and focus all energy on finding a direct experience of the koan – a question that has no logical answer.

When you are asked again and again modern koans like “Who is in?”, and you answer from moment to moment, the realization of the fact of your identification with your persona, mask, likeness begins to develop. And as soon as it is experienced and understood, you are shifted to your being, the center of witnessing. You feel deep relaxation and acceptance, the joy of being in the moment.

Osho urged all the newcomers at first go through this process, and only then take further decisions. He explained that it is practically impossible to find a  right direction having no experience of being real, without dogmas and past patterns, conditioning and dreams …


We kindly invite you to the process !!!


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