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Zen is an excellent tool for coaching …

In fact, masters-teachers in traditional Zen monasteries were engaged in coaching …
In order to understand  Zen approach to coaching, it would be useful to read all the material on Zen in this site , and, as far as possible, try to get into the spirit of Zen.

Coaching in Zen style – it’s support on a certain specified time interval  to get clarity on any issue for action or non-action to be taken …

As a result of this comes greater clarity, greater understanding.
Activated intention to move towards the truth and not to rotate in the wheel of  surrounding illusion.

In Zen, everything is simple -if there is a question – the answer always comes.

We learn to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

We learn to analyze our beliefs, rresources, limitations.

Zen doubts everything that makes us unhappy, not creative, not successful, disease …
It gets us to the core of our energy …

In coaching we combine it with  self-practice of Zen, which the participant learns during the first few coaching sessions.

All  it creates necessary pressure, intensity … and necessary changes occur.

We can take any your request as a subject of coaching .

Benefits of coaching over other types of work lies in the fact that due to the contact during a time period a participant can be significantly supported by an experienced coach, and dynamics can be strengthened, properly integrated.
As we expect, and our experience confirms this, the participant receives the necessary skills for further self-coaching and also coaching other people.


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