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 Simple, direct and practical – that is how Zen works for your business. No philosophy or sophistication – we using direct experience of being now-here to get the truth of the moment for exposition – then your next step is going to be conscious and by that mean – successful.


Zen is not interested in anything except for the truth, the direct knowing. Because of this Zen is an indispensable tool for those moments when the ultimate, crystal clarity is the point. Often people tend to deceive themselves in favor of the inner subconscious beliefs that do not meet the objective reality… so to be mistaken is a well-known state for the contemporary man.

So when we begin to receive from our business certain signals, at some point it becomes impossible to deny a feeling that you want something more or you have to try something else… or a feeling of dissatisfaction – with yourself, or your situation, with the degree of your potentiality realization, or maybe, relationships in your family or inside your team rather remind fighting than cooperation… or probably just financial results are low…
Because deep inside we all know what we are really capable of… It is important to open our eyes and look with a sober look at yourself, your partners, the market situation, your opportunities and prospects. For all mentioned Zen works as a brainstorm… with one distinction – Zen like sword cuts all illusions and pathology. By using the right questions for asking  we are bound to encounter the right answer, response – from the space where you are true, congruent…

Only by maintaining a contact, by communicating with the space inside of you one can be happy, first for onesef and then for others, with whom you can share your happiness, inspiration, joy. And after all – the most important of your business is your own life… and it has a lot of components : your health, energy level, relationships with family, relatives, beloveds, friends, partners… it is your success in something that gives meaning to your activities and achievements …
And i
f it contains the truth – you are bound to be happy in all possible forms and dimensions… If not – then dark spots of hidden secrets, beliefs, bonds, misconceptions and blind spots of not accepted, not known your talents and abilities, resources to the best fortune, harmony and abundance.


Zen does not beat around the bush… and in Zen a brave one, who are tired of lies and stepped on the way of opening one’s own unique truth, gets everything needed, as a result of made efforts… Zen unmistakably shoots at the “weak link” – something preventing from seeing the light, some clouds blocking the sun…
Man of Zen, a man who has mastered the path of Zen, who has guts sincerity to be oneself and yet to be with others …

Such a person can not be fooled and deceived, forced or tricked anymore … He does not believe the rumors and forecasts – he found the source of truth and power inside, so it cannot be lost or stolen or blocked.
His feelings, instincts and intuition are constantly being upgrading through daily activities and events, in a sense becoming infallible and every day turns into a unique journey. It becomes interesting to experiment, develop, create … exceed your limits and soar, fly high, enjoying obtaining something that yesterday seemed unreal and it still remains impossible for many others today. By and by his mastery grows and his words and actions shine a specific power & strength, influence, we already can say  Magic … He exudes a bright charisma, vibes –  his is loved by people around, respected, wished & invited everywhere… Everyone is eager to be his friend, to play in his team, on his side… Soon he becomes able to train others & help them evolve, sharing with them his understanding & wisdom …


To learn Zen approach to business you can in different ways:

– Participating in Awareness Intensive “Who is in?” – 3-day residential retreat

– Participating in Awareness Intensive “Satori” – 5 – 10 days residential retreat

– Participating in “Zen Day” – 1-day retreat

– Participating in Individual Zen – Sessions (available online )

– Participating in the Zen – Coaching (available online )

 Zen Business can also be an integral part of a group process like

Creativity and Tantra and also of groups with a special direction.



Osho says:
Don’t leave the world of the objects! Rather, try to become aware of both the subject and the object simultaneously, the outer and the inner simultaneously. If both are there, only then can you be balanced between them. If one is there you will get obsessed with it!
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